Coliseum Boulevard Church of Christ

The Church of our Lord stands firmly established in the love and eternal purpose of God. In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul focuses on the pivotal role the church plays in the ongoing revelation of the eternal mystery and purpose of God; it is through the church that God has revealed this mystery to all. It is in the church that God and his purpose are glorified (Eph. 3:21). It is in the church, the one body of Christ, that God reconciles the world to himself through the cross of Jesus (Eph. 1:22, 23; 2:15-16). It is in the church that we realize in the fullest degree the love of Christ, for he “loved the church and gave himself for her” (Eph.5:25). The church, in which the unity of the Spirit of God dwells.

In early spring of 2001, Brother Jesse Tolliver III, then Minister of the Triad congregation and Brother Paul Sanders, Minister of the Central congregation, met and discussed the two congregations coming together for joint worship. The first event was a joyous occasions of spirit filled worship. For approximately four months, the congregations would alternate locations of worship services.  Some in the congregations began to talk about the congregations coming together as one. Brothers Sanders and Tolliver heard the voice of the members and began to have meetings to discuss the merger.

Having agreed to do so, In July of 2001 The congregations officially formed a merger committee consisting of brothers from each congregation chaired by Brother Robert Jennings who then guided us though the process of making one congregation. The committee met every week to discuss  prime objectives, planning, operating strategies, financial and spiritual goals. A timeline was set for the actual merger. After many meetings, a new leadership was established. 
In October 2001, the two congregations became the Tri-Central Church of Christ.  Services were held at the Triad location because the building was larger. The priority was to find a larger meeting place. The search was on. The entire membership got involved in looking for a new home. In January of 2002, after many weeks of searching the late Sister Betty Bailey spied our present building.  Most of the congregation had toured the building and was extremely excited about the prospects of purchasing the building.    After agreeing that this should be our future home, contract negotiations began. The occupants were in the process of building a new building and would not be ready to move out until November of 2003. This proved to be a great blessing. We thank Brother Fred Mackey, for it was he who was our primary negotiator with the bank. We were able to make a partial down payment with the balance due in November of 2003.
For a period time, the building was shared; therefore Sunday worship services were held at 2:00 p.m. and Tuesday night class at 7:00 pm. The congregation continued to grow spiritually and numerically. Brothers Sanders and Tolliver rotated in the pulpit for Sunday and Tuesday classes.   Our speaker for our first meeting and Dedication was Brother Jack Evans Sr., President of S.W.C.C.  We steadily continued to grow, even with the limited use of the building.   In November of 2003, the Lord blessed the congregation to produce the final down payment on the building in order to become sole owners of the property.

Brothers Sanders and Tolliver worked together as Co-Ministers until late 2005, when Paul Sanders was asked to minister with a congregation in Georgia. The Coliseum family thanks him for his passion and work. After his departure, Brother Tolliver assumed all ministerial responsibilities.

The Lord has been gracious to this work. But we only have just begun. Truly ………..